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Gary Shipman

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The Role of a Professional Lacrosse Agent

The best question is probably what should an agent do.  The answer is pretty simple – protect and promote.  As lawyers, our educational background and more than 100 years of cumulative legal experience provide maximum protection, whether it is in contract negotiations with teams and sponsors,  handling injury claims or undertaking due diligence on your other “off-field” income earning opportunities.  As promoters, we know marketing/branding and how best to leverage your performance on the field to cash off the field.

But we’re not like other agents.  We’re a full service law firm.  So while other sports agencies want to protect; they just don’t have the credibiity that comes from being represented by a law firm that places the interests of their clients above their own.  Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America that has generated professional playing opportunities and related marketing and endorsement opportunities like this sport has never seen – and it will only get better.  You’re  the best and you deserve to be represented by the best.

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